Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 Emmy Nominees

Hip, hip, hooray for Tina Fey!

I recently read an article in BITCH, a magazine that centers around feminist responses to pop culture, titled Why Tina Fey is the best thing to happen to women in TV comedy. I could not agree with this more whole-heartedly; Fey refuses to be defined by her looks, opting instead to rely on her brains to make a living. Her hard work has paid off; the first female full-time writer on "Saturday Night Live" has been nominated for an Emmy this year not only for best female performance in a television comedy for "30 Rock", but the show itself also received a nod for best comedy series. While by far not the most ground-breaking news of the 2008 Emmy Noms, it still got me plenty excited for her. What can I say, I'm a huge fan.

WRITER'S ADDITIONAL NOTE: It's nice that you think she is lovely to look at, but that's not her point. While she has posed in slightly risque attire in photos for more underground cultural magazines, when she was voted as #80 on the Maxim List of 100 Hot Women of 2002 she refused to pose in scantily clad clothing (so says this article from the magazine I referred to earlier). I think she's a pretty woman as well, but she constantly maintains a self-depricating attitude both on and off her show that reassure me she places more wealth on her talent than her face.


BuckBonz said...

I love Tina Fey. I love her intelligence, wit, and charming personality. BUT, I also just love to look at her.

You can't really separate her physical appearance from the equation and attribute her success exclusively to everything else .

Honestly, if she wasn't nice to look at, do you really think she'd be as successful as she is?

The fact is that she's the package-deal. She isn't so extremely good-looking that it overwhelms everything else she has to offer, but instead her attractiveness compliments her talent.

Sorry, name your feminist magazine 'BITCH' and I just can't help but play the devil's advocate...

Anonymous said...

Mad Men FTW!!

Anonymous said...

by the way KJ i'm now officially excited to see you tonight so i can make fun of you for reading a feminist magazine named Bitch.


Anonymous said...

re: your update to the post.

Yes i read something similar in my latest issue of Cunt Weekly.