Friday, July 25, 2008

Unite for Strength

An off-shoot of SAG called Unite for Strength has began a campaign to regain control of SAG leadership. This must be frustrating for all these actors who are uncertain of their career futures, but to stage an election and campaign to regain their control in the middle of attempting to settle contract talks seems like a poor decision to me. According to a few call-ins from SAG and AFTRA members during a report on Patt Morrison's show today on NPR, people are really getting upset at the other side (SAG at AFTRA and vice versa), yelling and screaming about their disappointment in the delayed decision-making process.

Guild leaders and studios and pretty much anyone involved in contract talks seem very unwilling to negotiate. Get with the times, guys. If you want to make your members and the people who make YOU money happy, give in a little. Get off your high horse and level with them a bit.
Read more about the group: http://http// or visit the Unite for Strength website to learn more:

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