Monday, August 4, 2008

It's always funny in Philadelphia

This show freakin' kills me.

Charlie is constantly ranting about something. I recently watched and episode in which he screams for almost the entire length of the thing (I think it was "The Gang Gets Held Hostage"). FX added Danny DeVito to boost viewership, which was a damn good idea because he is a welcomed addition to the cast. In the episode "The Gang Gets Invincible", DeVito's character Frank drops acid and thinks he's locked in a trailer bathroom only for the audience to find that he's standing in a trash can.

Love it so much. Can't wait to watch more.

New season starts September 18th...yay!


Unknown said...

the gang goes jihad is the funniest television episode ever aired

Anonymous said...

best comedy on television.

stay away from my bang-maid!

Unknown said...

I disagree, the absolute best is season 2's Mac bangs Dennis' mom. I couldn't stop laughing that whole fucking episode. Plus seeing Charlie as the evil puppet master for once is very refreshing