Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kanye West and Q-Tip perform surprise show at The Knitting Factory, NYC

I went to the Knitting Factory in the TriBeCa neighborhood tonight to see a hip hop show for which my friend Kira got free entrance and drinks via a friend who works there. Word was that Kanye West would perform to show support for the newest addition to GOOD Music (Kanye's record label) Consequence and up-and-coming Kid Cudi. Not only did Kanye come out during Consequence's set and do FIVE SONGS (including his newest "Lovelockdown" [see the video], "Flash Lights", "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Gone"), but Q-Tip later joined him on stage to do two songs from his Tribe days (including "Award Tour") and one newer song. The crowd was ballistic. It was unreal. I can't believe I got to witness all this, and FOR FREE.

The gray blur you see in the video is Kanye. You can tell it's him once the camera flashes start flashing.

The following photos (and the above video) were taken with my camera phone, so the quality is pretty poor. The person below the glowing orb (which was coming from a camera) in each photo is Mr. West himself. I would say there were no more than 100 people there. I'm still in utter amazement and shock. He's a great showman and was having the time of his life up there.

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