Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Lynch to produce new web series

In recent years, surrealist old hand David Lynch has proved that the reckless talent at the helm of Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart is still very much in the game. Inland Empire (2006) and especially Mulholland Drive (2001) were two of the director’s most madly inspired visions, and now ON Networks (via Pop Candy) has commissioned the director to produce a new web series.
The series will be based off Lynch’s nonfiction book Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, which weaved in biography and his creative process to espouse transcendental meditation. The method’s followers have been likened to a cult in the past, and more than few stops on Lynch’s recent college tour were disappointed when the director swerved conversation from his oeuvre to the method, but he has maintained that it has been central to his output for years.

Being someone who finished "Twin Peaks" about a month ago, I've been hurtin' bad for a good injection of Lynch into my life. Let's hope this delivers.


laughing crow said...

i don't know where you get the take that people at lynch's conferences on creativity and the brain were disappointed that he also spoke about meditation. were you there at any of the events? i was. people loved it, from what i could tell. and lynch did not have a scripted speech prepared about meditation that he was forcing on people. he was only answering questions. and more than half the questions were about meditation.

his talk was cutting edge, deeply insightful about the creative process, and also featured scientists talking about meditation and the brain. fascinating!

Katharine Relth said...

This excerpt was from an article from a music and film magazine called PASTE. I receive their newsletters but no longer subscribe to their magazine for various reasons...
I would have loved to be there!

Katie said...

Hey, I actually interned for Paste right after I graduated from college and am still friends with a bunch of people there! Glad to see the link there.