Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Heart Brooklyn

Ok, so I really haven't spent much time there, but I think somewhere between The Academy Annex record store, the book slangers on the corner and Blackbird Parlour, today I fell in love. Williamsburg just needs to gain some weight...seriously, could the people there BE any thinner? Also, someone needs to send this memo to all the scrawny long-haired males out there: Just say "No" to saying no to deodorant. Baklava is far more enjoyable when it's void of pungent underarm stink.

P.S. I need my turntable out here so badly it hurts. Look at this selection, consider the fact that they have records from The Beatles starting at $5, and try to convince me otherwise:
And that's only one half of the store. And they have used, reissued, imported and new vinyl. And and AND they have TWO listening stations. Wait wait wait...I was trying to convince myself that I need my record player. Instead now I just want to hop on the L, gather about 25 records under my arm after knocking three balding forty-somethings out of my way and hog one of their turntables for the rest of the night. If it wasn't for the fact that an absolute asshole said this me I would repeat it more often, but this city certainly reveals itself to you a little at a time. I walked by this place completely oblivious about two months ago on my way to The Music Hall. I'm guessing it was hiding that night because it was closed and it was being kind enough not to taunt me with its enticing treasures.

So on top of today's newest finds, the fact that Williamsburg is also home to a Salvation Army, a vegetarian taco truck, at least one used book store and the Charleston (plus hundreds of possible yet-to-be-discovered boutiques) has completely sold me on spending more time there. As an excuse to get some loose-leaf tea and finish The Double I might just visit the Blackbird Parlour again tomorrow...


Unknown said...

oooh can't wait to go there

Princess Leah said...

A charming neighborhood, for sure. I liked the little clothing shop that we visited first, even though everything was a size 4. Cool space.