Saturday, December 13, 2008


Can you listen to the wind outside?
You know it's whipping through the trees in the night
Bringing to the ground troubled branches and broken dreams.
But here I can't be scared
Despite your silver tongue and whispers in my back.
You're choking on my breath but we're making room to breathe.

Under the guise of darkness we'll finally meet.
Where the sky pours down to flood the streets
We'll try our best to stay lucid together.
Light cracks in
There's a turn and a smile
Thinking, I could rely on this one for a while.
My face it feels the comfort,
Like the feathers of a dream.

So maybe one day we can take this outside
Dancing like children with our arms spread wide.
But now we can't be bothered
We'll just hide in the stars
The swimming solar systems really know what they are.

Under the skies of kindness we'll fall asleep
Where the moon wears a crown.
Frozen teeth it's a secret sunken treasure.
Light flashes in your eyes before you die
Like a movie
Steal the reel and hit rewind.
It's a history in reverse
For better not for worse.

So don't walk in that parade of empty paper mache
Cause all pinatas've broken open
Spill my heart on the floor
Pick it up and jar it in a bottle
Freeze it up in the stars
Like a trophy panorama on your mother's display.
Or a memory that's drifting to your shoulder's embrace,
Or a swimming solar system on the crest of a wave.

[Fancy Claps by Nice On Ice. Lyrics by KJ Relth and Kenrick Phan, 2007]


Sheng Peng said...

Can you send me the lyrics for the CD? Also, did I just see a profile pic of you with long, and was that blond hair?

Katharine Relth said...

Ohhh I don't know if I have them all written out anywhere. But this song is not on the CD I gave you.

And yes, that was like a few months before I cut my hair.

Sheng Peng said...

Too bad! I thought the lyrics of this song quite pretty!

Princess Leah said...

Ohhhhhhhh LOVE! Is this photo from the N:IC Santa Barbara Farewell Tour?

Katharine Relth said...

Indeed it is! You were there!