Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is this, California?

In New York City on Monday, the high was a near freezing 28 degrees, although I'm no so sure the weather even got that warm. This 28 degrees was made worse by the fact that there were horrible winds, giving new meaning to the term wind chill factor; I think the "real feel" was around 15. Yesterday, Tuesday, every time I would check the weather there was a new high for the day. I went for a walk around 8:30 PM with a friend and actually took off my coat several times during the walk; I'm guessing it was around 55 degrees last night.

Today it's supposed to rain, and my weather widget predicts the high to be 65 degrees. I've learned that here, cloud covers usually mean warmer temperatures, unlike the cold rains we seem to have in California. I'm so confused...what the hell am I supposed to wear today?! I haven't experienced 65 degrees in months! There's supposed to be snow on the ground right now, right? Sigh...

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Princess Leah said...

Forget wind chill factor, what is the David Factor? When the wind blows, what noise would David make?