Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Facebook "Word Game" Back Under New Name

That's right, all you ex-Scrabulous players out there! Facebook just sent me an email, along with this press release, letting me know that I could now play "Lexulous", the Facebook-approved, non-copyrighted name for a game exactly the same as Scrabble. I used to spend countless hours at work (Jonathan, I hope you aren't reading this) playing Scrabulous with friends (actually, mostly my sister), and now the obsession can be mine again! So far the program seems almost the same: there are more features, most of them useless like "sort tiles alphabetically" or "shuffle tiles", both of which I can obviously do myself. But a little difference is the number of tiles, 8 instead of the usual 7 that can be found in a game of Scrabble.

Above is a screen shot of my first Lexulous game with my sister. We'll see how much I like it, which will probably depend on whether or not I win.


Princess Leah said...

How do I play?!???!

Joumana said...

Can we have 8 letter words?? How very very very odd this 8 letter thing but I'll be at it ASAP