Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm a neglectful parent!

Look at what I've done. Leaving my blog alone for almost two weeks. Neglecting to update for 14 whole days. Shame on me! This small child above must know how it feels to be neglected, dear blog, and so, I must offer you an apology.

I have several excuses for why I've been so bad to you, oh blog of mine:

1. School work/readings are killing me. 200-300 pages a week, and I'm not reading romance novels here, kids.
2. I had a brief stint with a relationship that is now over.
3. I haven't had much time for writing due to excuse #1.
4. An out-of-town friend was visiting for a week and I decided, for my sanity and his entertainment, to take a bit of a break from work to tour the city and visit his brother and sister-in-law in Baltimore, adding Maryland to the short list of states I've visited.

The relationship-ending thing happened today, and it's certainly not aiding in the whole focusing-on-work-and-getting-shit-done goal. Also, there's been a major (almost 24 hour now) snow storm that has forced me to stay inside for most of the day, making me just a bit stir-crazy and a tad bit more depressed than I should be about a less than two month-long attempt at a relationship. But, c'est la vie, no?

Anyway, I should be posting a paper I did for my Methods of Rhetorical Analysis class soon, so I can actually post something of value that's media-related. I'll also have several things to say about a book I've been reading called Hitch Your Antenna to the Stars, a history and analysis of early TV stardom. More on that to come...

OH! And did I mention that my TA from Understanding Media Studies from the Fall semester wrote to me to ask if he could use my three abstracts as examples for his students this semester? Or that my Methods professor called me out for proper use of quote integration in my Obama paper? Maybe I shouldn't be so down on myself after all...

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deepthiw said...

You should definitely not be down on yourself, little superstar of the academy! You forgot to mention that your blog is being used as an example for incoming students! Sorry to hear you're down, but we'll do what we can to rectify that this weekend....