Thursday, April 30, 2009

"You know how your iPod's got songs? Well, now you can download books and shit."

The title of this entry is a direct quote from a kid on the L into Manhattan this afternoon explaining the concept of Amazon's Kindle 2 to a friend. I knew he was explaining the Kindle because he was motioning to the advertisement for said product above his head on the train, although I think I would have understood to what he was making reference even without noticing the ad displayed above. Seriously, Amazon, this should totally be your slogan:

"It downloads books and shit."

How good does that sound? It appeals to those of us who want the straight, no-nonsense facts, to the younger, hipper, edgier generation who knows curse words make anything more awesome. Come on, what other sort of product description do you need? Does the average consumer really give a hoot about longer battery life or that the buttons are less sensitive than the Kindle 1? No. All they really care about is that it downloads books. And shit.

Also, I think it's really hilarious that, just like the skins for iPods, the Kindle is coming out with "cute" colorful covers as a way to make each Kindle 2 unique to its owner (read: make more money on useless, wasteful products that the device really "needs"). Sure, they protect the product from superficial damage, but do I really need a pink leather case when a straight black one would suffice? Or, much like I keep my iPod in a super soft ped sock for which I sadly lost the left mate, don't you think think your Kindle would find protection and comfort wrapped in an old, well-worn t-shirt? Think of it like a bonding moment between you and your dear, beloved Kindle. It will take on your personal, unique scent, a far more distinguishing mark than a gaudy pink leather cover that a thousand other people will also have. But maybe that's just how I roll, since I refuse to buy a manufactured piece of plastic or animal bi-products just to make my electronic device unique to me. Although, I guess it would be cool to have one to match the potential outfit I might wear on any given day...omg effing hawt loves it!

Pssh. Seriously, people.


Unknown said...

iTunes/iPods -> death of the album

kindles/amazon -> death of the book

T Relth said...

Awesome and very funny. T