Thursday, May 7, 2009

Movin' on up to the (Upper) East Side!

To a ti-ny apartment on the sixth floo ooor!

Well, at least I hope.

My friend Arthur and I put down a deposit on this place this morning, and we won't be sure that we have the place until the credit check is approved, a process that is occurring tomorrow. So I don't quite want to jinx our chances of getting the place, but it all looks pretty good so far.

The place is small, with barely enough room to do anything in the living room except place a couch. There's not even room for a dining room table, but heck, man, this is New York City! Anyone who has the misconception that where I've been living is typical, please, PLEASE erase that thought from your mind - Stuyvesant Town is an anomaly. But the new building is great, and the neighborhood is amazing. On our way back to the train we passed countless pubs, various ethnic restaurants (even Turkish), and several laundromats, although the building is getting laundry facilities within the next few months. We're 6 blocks east from Central Park, and since we're moving there in the summer I can guess we will be hitting up its green belts and shady trees quite frequently. When we went to make the deposit today we met the landlord, who is a young man from Israel, and Arthur pulled out a slick "Thank you" in Hebrew that really caught the guy off guard. Quite amusing, I thought.

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