Monday, June 15, 2009

My fotos, now on Flickr

So, again, because of this design class I'm taking over the summer, I have to take photos basically weekly, each week with a new theme. I've already fallen a little behind (mostly because I've been too lazy to buy new batteries after my rechargeable ones totally crapped out on me), but I definitely caught up yesterday after visiting Figment on Governor's Island, a weekend-long collaborative arts and music festival. If you are interested in looking at some of the photos I took -- which include some on the week's theme of "Motion" as well as more straightforward, non-artsy shots -- please visit my new Flickr page. If you have Flickr, be my friend so I can see your photo's, too!

Below I've posted some of my favorites to give you a little taste of what you're in for.

I'm really into the idea of painting with light. I think that the image above does that well.

I stuck the lens of my camera into a prism. Done.

Moving around on my roof at night must be done with great caution...

Whimsical linens on Governor's Island.

What happens when children and hippies try to recreate A Beautiful Mind. I'm telling you, it's all part of The Man's vast conspiracy to take away your finger paints and convince you that peace is not possible, man!

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Princess Leah said...

Don't be so hard on hippies. Your mother wanted to be one when she was a teenager. Good luck with that ambition, by the way--OC circa 1972 was not the place nor the time for such dreams. Now I just have to content myself with wearing floaty rayon kaftans on the weekends...

Love the photos, by the way. A talented bunch, my younguns.