Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin makes me want to vomit.

Palin's speech at the RNC was such a feeble attempt at stirring anti-Obama emotions, I can't even believe it was attempted. Not only is this woman trying to play in to the image of being just a small town "hockey mom" who is strictly against elitism in Washington, the fact is that she IS a part of the political machine. I mean, she is a GOVERNER, after all. The sad thing is that this rhetoric might just work, seeing as it's along the same lines as Bush's attempt to appear to be the candidate everyone just wants to have a beer with. I feel the chunks rising...gahh...

There was a woman holding up a sign at the Convention reading "Hockey Moms Unite for Palin", and in the BBC article I read there were images of women holding up buttons stating "Hottest VP from the Coolest State" and others with "Sarah Palin" in a big pink heart. Aww, maybe once she's elected you can all sip your lo-cal caramel mocha frappuccinos and conduct a heated debate over the best place to get a manicure! And I’m not saying this simply because she’s a woman; I say this because she is a vapid, slimy, image-conscious candidate attempting to win a title that is, in the end, about intelligence, compromise, and experience. I only begrudgingly credit her with intelligence; she was able to woo an entire room of stiff old guys into laughter and several onslaughts of booing, much like one would see at a comedy show or a celebrity roast.

And basically, that’s what her speech was; an evil, smirking attack on Obama, calling him a tree-hugging hippie (essentially) for caring about saving our planet that we are slowly destroying while also calling him a quitter for not talking about victory when it comes to the war in which we’re currently engulfed. I’m paraphrasing here, but on the whole she stated ‘Obama doesn’t mention victory once unless it’s referring to his own campaign’. The lovely media then decided to make a quick cut-away to a stoic veteran sitting unwaveringly in the audience. Gahh, I’m gagging again…

It's practically insulting that the Right felt Palin was a worthy Vice Presidential candidate after reaming Hillary for being “cold” and “elitist”. Hillary has more sense of how to run a country in her little finger than Palin has in her entire body. Remember, PALIN IS A GOVERNER. Foreign policy experience be damned, she says! But I guess that’s what McCain is there for. He's been around long enough, right?

The last thing this country needs in another woman in power who is anti-choice telling other women that the state should have control over their bodies. The last thing this country needs is a candidate who not only supports off-shore drilling, but essentially organized it in her state of Alaska. I could give a rat’s ass that she’s a member of the NRA (do whatever you want with that antiquated Amendment, folks) but making part of your reform for the state HUNTING WOLVES FROM HELICOPTERS seems a bit, I dunno, INSANE.

Among others in attendance at the convention were an elderly woman (presumably Giuliani's mother) sitting and clapping inconsistently while looking about ready to keel over. There could have been a cartoon thought bubble coming out of her head reading "I am just so lost. Actually, I think I may have wet myself" while people on both sides hugged their trophy wives and waved their cowboy hats.


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of things disturbing about the Palin situation. to me the most disturbing is the fact that McCain clearly did not vet her. He met her once for 20 minutes. and clearly a vetting process didn't take place because he would never choose her if he knew all the dirt on her that we know now (preggo 17 year old kid, former member of Alaska separatist party, being investigated for abuse of power which she recently hired a legal team for). McCain made an emotional, knee jerk, impulsive political decision instead of an intelligent, well researched decision. He picked the most unfit, inexperienced person to run for the White House simply so he could appeal to the "women who get raped by their fathers really oughtta have more children" crowd. So much for the candidate with the best judgement.

Contrast that with Obama's pick. Obama picked a seasoned veteran with loads of foreign policy and national experience. He spent countless hours with him on the campaign trail and in the senate. He didn't pick some unknown yokel because he thought we'd like her story.

Unknown said...


Interestingly enough, Mrs. Palin did not respond to the political courage survey when pressed by Mr. McCain in 2006. Also, on her biography page, you will see that she is on the board of several natural resources (oil) interest groups.

Other interesting facts:

against same-sex marriage
opposes explicit sex-education programs
opposed stem cell research
doesn’t believe in global warming
in favor of the death penalty
supports the teaching of creationism (including intelligent design) in public schools
a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association
supports natural-gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
husband Todd works for British Petroluem
sued the US government in 2008 to stop listing polar bear as endangered

LunaticNorwegianCousins said...

this all makes me so angry i..i just don't know what to say. thank you for being coherent.

Diana Marie said...

this whole situation just makes me sick. the media and politics in this country is so round-about and effed i can't even think straight.