Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jamie (and 6th grade), this one's for you.

In the midst of reading a stack of cranky, pretentious Theodor Adorno essays and excerpts this evening, my best friend called me from California. The conversation basically consisted of us gushing about how much we missed each other (home is only 30 days away!), me talking to her son who would have honestly rather been watching Blue's Clues, and her telling me that she was importing all of her old CDs, including some really old stuff.

"What is that one other Boyz II Men song?" she asked me. "It's not on the album with 'I'll Make Love To You'."

"Uhh...'End of the Road?'"

"No no no..."

"Umm...I'm down on bended knee!?"

"No no, the other one!"

"...Ohh!! You mean the one that goes...uh...Back in school we used to dream about this every day. Da da dada happen, or do dreams just fade away, yeah. That one?"


And here it is, ladies and gentlemen (and in particular, Jamie), your moment of zen:

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